Three Simple Steps to Calming Our Bodies

Here is my latest blog post on Fertility Authority. At my 2015 Mind/Body Fertility Retreat  we learned and practiced this. Even if you aren’t trying to conceive, this is a great tool to keep handy in your life boat. We all get stressed from time to time and our bodies tell us…we just have to listen.

The Power of Coaching

Autopoeisis ,a Greek word meaning “self” ( auto ) and creation” ( poeisis ); also defined as “ a system capable of maintaining itself”. I love this word in relation to my work as a Fertility and Adoption Coach because it reflects the heart of what I do : supporting people  as they build theirContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Tales From the Wandering Womb~The wedding ring

In most cultures the wedding ring has been worn on the left “ring” finger – why? In ancient times, it was believed that a vein ran directly from that finger to the heart ! Traditionally the ring was gold because gold is the purest metal, thus symbolizing virginity.

Fertility Authority Blog: Words Unleashed

The power of writing – the written word can move emotional mountains. Read my blog, hosted by Fertility Authority, here:

Fertility Authority Blog: Calm Seas~Fertile Lands

Fertility Authority hosts a wealth of info on all things fertility related, including , as of today a blog by me — Calm Seas~Fertile Lands. Each blog will have some sort of mind/body  exercise or strategy to try to help calm your senses and sooth your soul as you work on building your family.  Today’sContinue Reading

Tales of the Wandering Womb ~ “Gossip”

The word ” gossip” originally meant a woman attending during childbirth, who was therefore also a godparent. Because men were not allowed in the birthing chamber, but left to stand outside wondering what all the women were doing and  saying, anxiety and distrust grew among the male ranks. Thus, eventually, “gossip” came to mean unbridled,idleContinue Reading

Will the Real Mom Please Stand Up?

“So, which of you is the real Mom?” This is the kind of question, amongst many others, that LGBTQ families hear when they are out and about with their children, which thankfully is happening in growing numbers, even though the sensitivity of questions has yet to catch up.  According to the 2010 census, 111,000 sameContinue Reading

The Sweetness of Lifelong Friendship

With my daughter having just left for college this year, I am turning ( even more ) of my attention to nurturing friendships. It’s hugely important to me and for most of my friends as we move into a new phase of parenting adult children who live far away. So a few weeks ago myContinue Reading

Gestalt Cycle of Experience and Fertility

What is Gestalt anyway?”  I get asked this a lot since I am a Gestalt trained coach . Gestalt is a theoretical model for understanding how people develop and grow. It is a theory that supports the notion that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, that we function best when weContinue Reading