“Fertile”……plenty…abundance…ripe…land…harvest…food….For centuries, and across cultures, fertility has been linked with abundance and food.Today, fertility foods and fads  are ongoing conversations for many couples trying to conceive. Ancient rituals and more common day folklore are rich in dietary practices related to fertility: In ancient Rome, men consumed chick peas, octopus and flax seed to boost sperm production. Corn has long been a symbol of abundance and fertility in many native cultures. Scientific studies related to diet and fertility are somewhat limited, though growing and interesting to be watchful for. Most importantly is to eat a generally healthy diet that supports our overall health. This can include desserts when made with fresh ingredients and consumed mindfully.

My belief is that food is a way to nurture ourselves, connect us to our loved ones and celebrate abundance in our everyday lives. Fertility struggles often create a culture of “not enough” and my goal in offering these recipes is to nurture a climate of eating abundantly – good things that are healthy and taste good and make us feel rich in our dietary lives. May the goddesses of abundance be with you!