I loved your Mind Body Fertility Awareness Program! So many useful exercises I can use and I really appreciated the time to connect with other women going through the same struggles. Thank so much!  

Anne is very gifted coach.  She is highly qualified in the area of women’s issues, loss, fertility, and adoption.  When I started working with Anne, I was going through a difficult loss in an adoption match.  In a short amount of time, she was able to understand exactly what I needed and coached me through this difficult time. Her communication skills, listening skills, and wisdom are unmatchable.  I will definitely seek her support again if necessary and I highly recommend her coaching services.  Barbara, Tampa, FL

I started working with Anne as I began my journey as a new parent. Anne has truly been an inspirational life coach to me as I’ve navigated and explored this new path in my life. She has allowed me to think about life’s challenges in a new light, always posing questions and encouraging me to see things from different perspectives. She deeply listens, guides me in self-reflection which allows me to move forward in positive ways. The coaching sessions have given me the gift of carving out time to take care of myself, restoring balance in my life and giving me a sense of renewal. All of these things in turn allow and help me to be a more present and better parent to my children. I have truly enjoyed working with Anne as I grow and evolve on the journey of motherhood.  Andrea, Portland ME

Anne Belden is a warm, intuitive, gifted, and helpful fertility coach. Working with Anne over the past year while dealing with infertility issues was both an enjoyable and productive experience.  Anne supported me in a gentle yet challenging way, with thought-provoking conversations and meaningful exercises. She kept me on task when I needed more direction. Anne helped me come to a key decision regarding pursuing another round of IVF or taking another path.  Once the decision was made to attempt IVF, Anne brought compassion and wisdom to each session, during the various ups and downs of IVF. After achieving a healthy pregnancy, Anne supported me in working on important issues related to mothering. Her coaching launched me further down the path of becoming the person I truly aspire to be. I highly recommend Anne as a  coach.  Rebecca. Boston, MA

Throughout the Art of Gestalt Coaching program, at the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia,I had many opportunities to witness Anne’s work in action. She quickly took up the Gestalt concepts that were being taught and demonstrated them beautifully in supervised practice! Aside from her compassion, care and respect for her clients, Anne is a highly skilled professional coach. I recommend her without hesitation. Mark Magerman, PhD, LCSW, BCD Principal, gestaltworks, llc, Faculty, Gestalt Therapy Institute for Gestalt Therapy

Anne is a dynamic and articulate presenter who connects with her audiences through an appealing blend of warmth and professionalism.  She conveys her topics in such an accessible way that all types of learners can gain knowledge and still immensely enjoy the experience.  Anne’s style is personal, yet professional and the passion she has for group process, training, and facilitation shines through in all aspects of her work.  Hardy Girls Healthy Women has contracted with Anne to develop and deliver trainings in New England, Michigan and Texas, with diverse audiences of adult learners and received purely positive feedback and evaluation.  I highly recommend Anne Belden as a presenter and facilitator for any group, training or conference setting. Megan Williams, President Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Inc.

I think Anne Belden is a fantastic life coach. The sessions with her have been of so much value to me. They have given me many new important insights and breakthroughs. For me it was a big step to take a life coach and I am so glad I did – It is one of the best things I have ever done!  Having Anne as a coach has really helped me making huge progress in my personal and professional life and especially in my relationship with my little daughter. Thanks so much.  Claudia , Germany

I admit I was a little skeptical of life coaching at first, not sure quite what it was, but am glad I decided to find out. Anne was excellent at helping me learn to make changes for myself, and that sometimes change isn’t about needing to let go, but rather expanding from where you are currently. The coaching experience really surprised me in how much I got out of it, way more than I ever expected. Anne has an excellent form of, what I’d call, flexible accountability in her coaching style. She pushes with you. To anyone that feels like they are questioning where they are in life, where they’d like to go, or aren’t even sure what questions to be asking, I highly recommend trying life coaching. And anyone looking to try life coaching, I highly recommend Anne.  Andrew, Portland Maine

Our work together has made my job so much less stressful. The words “ Let me think about it” have changed my life..I have added others to my repertoire. Thank you for just being there to listen and for helping me just cope with some of the overwhelming stress that I didn’t feel I could express to others about our adoption. You left a real impact on my life.  Debbi

Anne has a wonderful presence. She has done work with the Gestalt International Study Center for several years. She connects beautifully with individuals and large groups when speaking and facilitating.  Her ability to influence while staying open to be influenced is key to her successful way of being. She has brought great value to our Center.  Mary Anne Walk Executive Director, Gestalt International Study Center, Cape Cod

I met you via Phone call by a mutual caring friend. Your voice alone made me feel better the first time we spoke. I could feel the comfort and caring in your voice and you truly listened to me you  as I talked about my family. With your knowledge, compassion and dependability of working together over a year’s time, I became a stronger person who learned from you how to handle the ups and downs of my life. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you so much!  Mimi, Florida

Anne Belden is a wonderful coach for anyone struggling with anything to do with parenting. If you don’t already have the child you’ve been longing for, she’ll coach you through the trials of infertility and possibly adoption. If you have a child  already, Anne will guide your parenting choices. And if your children are engaging with you and your  world so actively you wish they’d stay a little longer, she will help you launch them into the next phase of their lives, and yours. You and your little ones will be so glad you hired her.
Martha Beck, PhD,    “O” magazine columnist

” Coaching gave me the chance to find the real me ”  Sara, age 16

I have had the pleasure of participating in Anne’s coaching sessions for several months now, and she has helped me to achieve clarity in my goals, both professionally and personally.  Anne has helped me to be a forward-thinking business woman without losing sight of who I am as a person.  She has helped me to focus on what it means to provide the best possible service to clients in the very emotionally charged field of adoption. At the same time, I have benefitted on a personal level as Anne’s coaching has taught me the importance of carving out time for self reflection and setting my sights on my own personal goals.  I truly enjoy my time with Anne!
Kristin A.F. Yellin    Chief Counsel, Adoption Network Law Center, California

If you’re thinking about trying a coaching session with Anne please don’t hesitate. My experience was life changing ,partly due to the content of the sessions, but mostly thanks to Anne’s personal and caring approach. Coaching was a new experience for me and one I honestly never imagined I would embrace. But I found myself in a transitional stage of life. Our daughters had graduated from college and moved out of state and I had left my career in Information Technology. It seemed I had stalled in an in-between state of mind. I knew something had to change but I didn’t know what or how to make it happen. My sessions with Anne encouraged me to explore what was holding me back, how I might look at things differently and then kept me on task as I moved forward. Anne challenged me while also giving me the support I needed. Now I am writing the novel I alway dreamed of writing. When it’s published you can be sure I’ll mention Anne in the credits ! I can’t recommend Anne more highly.  Lisa, Cape Elizabeth ME

My work with Anne is enriching my life in more ways than I had originally thought possible! Anne is coaching me around my professional growth and development  and this work is melding with my personal growth in some interesting ways. Anne challenges me to expand my thinking, while shedding new light on situations. Her approach allows me time to reflect and move forward with a changed perspective. The confluence of my professional and personal lives in our sessions provides a platform for my continued development of skills that will serve me in all aspects of life. Anne is a powerful springboard –  a Life Coach who provides positive encouragement and clarity in determining one’s life truths and direction. Suzanne, Portland

Anne got me to just the right place where I could make the decision to pursue my next career.  She asked me to envision my “wildly improbable goals” and in doing so I realized that there was nothing holding me back from pursuing my ideal.  And now I’m well on my way.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!  Karen, Windham ME