Is This You?

Infertility and adoption requires learning a whole new vocabulary. It can make you feel alone, discouraged and hopeless. I can ease your path:

You feel up against a ticking biological clock, frightened you may never become a mother I know what that’s like and I can walk beside you to help manage your fear and sadness. Together we’ll find strategies for getting through this time, finding that delicate balance between managing both your pain and your hope.

You feel like you are on the IVF roller coaster going from the highs of embryo transfer to the lows of a negative pregnancy test. We will find ways to buoy you as you cycle. One of the hardest steps is deciding when to stop treatment. If that’s where you are perched, we can find a solid place for you to land.

You have had another miscarriage or your adoption has fallen through and you’re considering surrogacy or child free living. We will tend to your grief, explore future scenarios and begin to build a new plan of action . I know you can make it through this and I can help you believe that too.

You are waiting to be matched and finally become a parent. We will shore up your confidence as you wait, and dare to imagine life as a parent.

You are finally pregnant, but unable to breathe freely infertility has taken a toll.First we’ll gently celebrate. Then we’ll practice ways to calm, relax and honor your hard working body. Pregnancy after infertility can be joyful !